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5 ways to be a Romantic

With Valentines Day fast aproaching we thought we’d write a short post on it. Renowned for being a popular day to get engaged, it is also one of – if not THE – most popular day for relationships to end. So this post is designed to provide some inspiration to make the day especially romantic for your partner.

So what’s the secret that makes an act “Romantic”? There’s all sorts of things that go in to it. Planning, a bit of secrecy, and spontaneity are all great starts. The most important thing though, is putting the thought in to planning something that your partner will be thrilled about.

For a bit of inspiration, we asked our customers to tell us the most romantic things their partner had done for them, and here’s my top 5:

My most romantic story starts with the most unromantic story!!

My now husband proposed to me via text message when he was on a night shift and although I was bowled over, and of course accepted, I couldn’t help but feel a bit cheated!

For months, even a year I think, we’d couldn’t afford a ring so he’d been secretly saving up and planned a weekend to York.  We went round every high street jewellery shop but didn’t like the styles or the sales pressure we felt under. Feeling very disheartened we walked down some older streets and found your shop, purely by accident and there it was in the window! The perfect ring. We walked in and instantly felt welcomed and under no pressure. We looked at the ring and the gentleman serving us was so excited about diamonds, he was showing us how it sparkled this way and that way, offered to buy it back in the future if we wanted to upsize! It turned out to be a lovely experience and we’d found a ring which was different to all the others we’d seen.

Anyway, the ring then was whisked away from me and I didn’t know when I was going to get it. Christmas and new year was approaching and I was so excited. After opening my Christmas presents and realising it wasn’t one of them I couldn’t help but feel disheartened! Then my now-hubby said “There’s one more present but you have to find it. A clue is it’s on the tree.” I searched and searched and spotted a new decoration – a little green stocking with sparkly trimmings, and inside was my engagement ring!

Yay!! I’ll never ever forget that Christmas and I’m reminded of it every year when the stocking is put on the tree (11 Christmases ago)!!

– Helen

The most romantic thing my boyfriend has ever done was on Valentine’s Day last year. He spent hours making a flower bouquet but as he knows I prefer chocolate to flowers, he made it out of crepe [paper] and put my favourite chocs in it: Ferrero Roche, mmmmmmm! He then took me to my favourite restaurant. Yep he’s a keeper!

– Louise

My partner surprised me one Friday night after work. I got home & was told by him we have to go & pick up some tools. So my immediate thought was, “Oh why couldn’t he have gone on his own & got them?” But he said he’d take me out for dinner so I said ok, I’ll drive.

We arrived at the restaurant & had dinner, we then got in the car & started driving to “the guys house, where the tool is”. We turn into a field & there’s the circus, he’d got ringside seats. As I’d never been to the circus it was a lovely surprise.

– Kim


I wanted to share my romantic story with you, especially as it starts in York and York is such a special place for me and my now husband (Ash), as it’s where we went for our first date.

It all starts at a arts and crafts fair in York, there was a very lovely photography stall (Dennis Bromage). I saw a beautiful landscape photo of a Heather on a hillside. I said to Ash that I loved this picture and thanked the photographer and we would consider it.

My Ash and I like walking so just after Christmas Ash picked a walk route around Roseberry Topping. It was a sunny cold crisp winters day and a lovely walk. . We climbed up to the top of Roseberry Topping and just before we got to the top we sat down for our lunch. As I sat unpacking sandwiches Ash said “remember that photo you liked in York, you liked the view, well this is where it was taken….looking that way” as he pointed, I looked, then followed  “a perfect place to ask you, will you marry me?” On one knee and a ring in hand! I certainly wasn’t expecting it and it took my breath away.

He arranged a boutique hotel, champagne and chocolates and celebrated.

It was the most romantic thing Ash has ever done….and 4 years later we are married and a beautiful baby boy.

– Sarah

The most romantic thing my other half did for me was put sticky notes all over the house listing all the reasons why he loves me. They lead upstairs where he had candles and rose petals on the bed with a bag full of makeup and inside a box was a ring with a letter asking me to marry him:) Afterwards he took me to my favourite restraunt and paid soneone to come in and sing my favourite song!! Best day of my life!!!

– Bethany

So now you’ve been filled with ideas, here’s what you need to do: write down what you are going to do for your partner. If you need to book things, do it now.

And if you’re in need of something extra special, come talk to us. We’ll help you find a gift that will bring a smile to their lips and a sparkle to their eyes.

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