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Is your jewellery really covered?

There’s been a lot of coverage recently in the news about Jewellery claims not being paid out by home insurance companies. An amazing 40% of claimants find they are underinsured when they actually come to make the claim. This could be due to rising gold prices, old valuations, lack of receipts and evidence or just misinterpretation.

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Sapphire – Gem of Sea and Sky

Sapphire (Sah-fire) is a Jewel of the sea, and of the sun. Its traditional blue colours are often compared with those of the open Ocean. The lighter, transparent blues match the gorgeous colours near the surface, and descend down to almost black as you dive deeper. I’m always reminded of dusk though Continue reading Sapphire – Gem of Sea and Sky

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Hearts & Arrows Diamonds – A Cut Above The Rest

Hearts and Arrows

Discovering Hidden Beauty

Michaelangelo's Statue of David There was once a piece of marble with the potential to become a beautiful statue. It took the genius of Michaelangelo to realise that potential and expose the statue of David that was always inside.

So it is with Diamonds, it takes the skill of master diamond cutters to reveal the beauty hidden in a diamond. Of all polished diamonds the Hearts & Arrows design is acknowledged to produce the most beautiful diamonds of all.

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7 Great Ideas to Make Valentine’s Day Special

Make Valentine's Day Special

Most of us would agree with George Eliot’s words,

“I like not only to be loved, but also to be told I am loved.”

 So make it important to tell your valentine “I love you” and as actions speak louder than words here are a few ideas you could use to demonstrate your love.

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Four beautiful gemstones…

Four Gemstones of Beauty and Power

If you like unusual and beautiful jewellery then read on…

Mookaite (pronounced moo-kite), Spiderweb Obsidian, Porcelain Jasper and Nebula Jasper have been uniquely crafted for Asquiths to create a range of beautiful jewellery. We have brought together these natural gemstones from places as far apart as Mexico, Madagascar and Australia to create a range of stunning earrings, bracelets and pendants just for you. Specialist Continue reading Four beautiful gemstones…