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AQUAMARINE the stone of Lovers and Mermaids

Aquamarine Stones


Diamond and Aquamarine Pendant
A Gorgeous diamond and Aquamarine Pendant surrounded by other Aquamarines

A Gorgeous diamond and Aquamarine Pendant surrounded by other Aquamarines Aquamarine is the birthstone for March and also for the Zodiac sign of Pisces. Its name comes from the Latin aqua marina, translating as "water of the sea". Aquamarine is part of the Beryl family of gemstones, which includes Emerald.

The double reference to blue in the name of this stone is no accident. Aquamarine sparkles like the sea and its color is pale to medium blue, sometimes with a slight hint of green[1]. In the 19th century, sea green varieties of the stone were the most popular[2], but today, the more blue the color, the more popular the stone. Because of its lovely blue color aquamarine is most often associated with the sea. Legend says that it is the treasure of mermaids, with the power to keep sailors safe at sea.


MineBrazil is the major producer of Aquamarine. It’s also found in Mozambique, Angola, Nigeria, and other countries, although the finest Aquamarine is mined in Zambia, Africa[3].


Wedding RingsThe Romans believed Aquamarine was the most appropriate morning gift to give to a bride by her groom following the consummation of their marriage. “When blessed and worn, it joins in love, and does great things.”  It is also thought to reawaken the love of married couples. Aquamarine is suggested as a gem to give on the 16th and 19th wedding anniversaries.

Famous Aquamarines

The Don Pedro AquamarineThe Dom Pedro, the largest faceted aquamarine, weighs 10,363 carats (over 2kg) and measures 14 inches tall and 4 inches wide at the base. Photo courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution.

As the birthstone of March, and the gemstone of Pisces, Aquamarine is an ideal gift for this water sign. Browse our selection of Aquamarine Jewellery and find the perfect gift.

[1] Beryl (beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate – Be3Al2(SiO3) is naturally colourless. The Blue is attributed to ferrous ions and the yellow to ferric ions, combining to give the greenish hue

[2] Asquiths recently obtained some “Sea Green” Aquamarine and have set it into prestigious rings. Ring 1, Ring 2

[3] Asquiths source Zambian Aquamarine, as we believe they have the finest lustre

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