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Hearts & Arrows Diamonds – A Cut Above The Rest

Hearts and Arrows

Discovering Hidden Beauty

Michaelangelo's Statue of David There was once a piece of marble with the potential to become a beautiful statue. It took the genius of Michaelangelo to realise that potential and expose the statue of David that was always inside.

So it is with Diamonds, it takes the skill of master diamond cutters to reveal the beauty hidden in a diamond. Of all polished diamonds the Hearts & Arrows design is acknowledged to produce the most beautiful diamonds of all.

Fourth Generation Diamonds

Diamonds have always been incredibly rare and valuable. The earliest diamonds were the province of Kings and, because of their hardness, were worn as a symbol of strength and invincibility. Originally diamonds were cut to retain as much weight as possible because of their extraordinary expense. Secondly, in the face of much resistance, a few innovative cutters experimented with sacrificing much of the weight of the diamond to cut it for beauty, to enhance its sparkle.

Decades later in 1919, Belgian mathematician Marcel Tolkowsky documented specific angles and percentages in his book Diamond Design. The top and bottom angles would later become the basis of the ”Ideal Cut” grade of the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America). The Ideal cut has perfect Proportions and perfect Symmetry.

In the 1980s Japanese gemmologists, cutters and scientists, studying the ideal cut model while experimenting with tools that could show brilliance and light return in diamonds led to a paradigm shift in diamond design. They developed an instrument, The Firescope. Whilst Tolkowsky had only modelled the 16 main facets and the table in two dimensions, the Firescope permitted a new three-dimensional visual view of the whole diamond showing the interplay of all 57 facets. This allowed very precise positioning of the facets, to produce superior light refraction and reflection. Ultimately the Super Ideal cut was born.

Perfect Symmetry

Eight Rayed StarAn exciting feature of these Super Ideal Cut diamonds was the perfectly symmetrical eight-rayed star that was clearly visible in the Firescope. This was referred to as the Cupid Effect.

Hidden Gems

Quite by accident someone discovered that when one of these diamonds was viewed upside down in the Firescope, one could see a visible pattern of eight symmetrical “hearts” through the pavilion of the stone. This was the birth of a totally new concept in diamonds that would become known as Hearts and Arrows.

You can think of Hearts and Arrows as serendipitous, nature’s way of rewarding something perfect.Hearts and Arrows

What’s so special?

Less than 1% of the world's diamonds are cut as Hearts and Arrows. Diamond polishers take up to three times longer to cut diamonds of this quality and sacrifice almost 15% more material to attain this precision. Grading Laboratories use a 10X magnification when grading diamonds. Hearts and Arrows cutters use a 100X magnification through all stages of production, thus creating diamond perfection. It is for these reasons that this diamond cut is sold at a premium and are more expensive than average/inferior cut diamonds. Cutters select only the higher diamonds grades of Colour and Clarity to cut as Hearts and Arrows because the higher cost of cutting is a smaller percentage of the overall cost as the original material is more expensive.

The fire and sparkle from a Hearts and Arrows Diamond can be seen even across a dimly lit room and so will be eye catching even in candle light.Hearts and Arrows Cluster

Hearts and Arrows are not for everyone. They are for the individual that seeks the best in everything and won't settle for second best. Hearts & Arrows are rare and limited in production; so only select jewellers, such as Asquiths, can offer them. These beautiful creations weren’t available to your ancestors. Don’t settle for an “old school” diamond from the last millennium. Own a masterpiece that is extraordinary in brilliance and fire like no other. No ordinary diamond can match the fire it will light in a woman's heart.

Visit Asquiths stores to choose your Hearts and Arrows Diamond. Every Hearts and Arrows customer will receive a free Hearts and Arrows Viewer.

Proportions of the Hearts and Arrows Cut

Hearts and Arrows Proportions

Diamond Nomenclature

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